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A community of students for students to rant, cry, and help each other get back on their feet. Here, we share the struggles we are comfortable sharing, no matter how big or small, listening and learning from one another. No one is alone and we're here to emphasize that.

Dear Fellow Students is dedicated to not only providing regular magazine issues to help our subscribers get through tough times, but also fostering a community that is both welcoming and understanding. According to the CDC, the suicide rate for youth between the ages of 15-17 rose 76 percent from 2007 to 2017. This is a rising problem our society faces. Thus, although we are just a youth organization without much influence, we hope to make a difference in at least our community by providing a safe place for teens (or anyone) to rant and cry, to emphasize that we are in this together and no one is alone.


There are many youth organizations centered around mental health but Dear Fellow Students is slightly different in that it serves first and foremost as a community. The DMs are always open for not only collaborations, but also students who need someone to talk to in these tough times. We've gotten many DMs from students across all ages (middle school - college) that just need someone to listen and we are that someone. We're also dedicated to creating content on instagram to spread awareness on the topic of mental health. Aside from that, we run a magazine that features many students' personal stories that they are ready to share to the community. In terms of mental health, it is so important that we, as people who are struggling, know that we are not alone in our struggles and our magazine provides that understanding. Especially in times like these, where mental health issues are sometimes romanticized, it is essential that every person knows that no matter how severe their mental health problems are, whether they be little or large, they are all valid.

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Each issue of the magazine centers around a specific topic within the scope of mental health. The current volume, volume 1, is a collection of issues regarding student mental health. 

Let's face it, you're here because you want to find a community of people who are facing similar struggles. This is the community for you. Through our magazine, we hope to create not only a safe place for you to rant, but also a place for you to listen to other student's issues and find common ground.

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