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Must Watch Youtube Channels

Hannah Amirtharaj| September 3, 2022

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Being a picky person isn’t easy. Especially when it comes to choosing something to watch. Personally, every time my friend comes over we’d practically spend half the day being indecisive, trying to agree on a movie and liking polar opposite genres doesn’t make things easier. Nevertheless, with school starting soon, most of us cannot afford to sit for 2 hours or more. So if you’re asking yourself “what should I watch?”, this one is for you.


Also referred to as one of the most influential people on the internet, Emma Chamberlain pioneered an approach to vlogging which shook up YouTube's unofficial style guide. Along with her hit podcast series “Anything Goes”, Emma essentially took over the hearts of many frankly because she never failed to demonstrate her authentic, relatable self. i.e., she shed light on her mental health issues which we as humans struggle with, ultimately helping others to feel less alone and validated. Moreover, her youtube videos touch up on a plethora of topics, from impulsive late-night cooking and travel voyages to her reviews on the spontaneous endeavors she has ventured into, such as running a marathon.


But if her approach is too energetic for you, Halle Burns may be the perfect alternative. Best recognized for her ASMR cooking tutorials, Burns is simply a 21-year-old trying to survive college. With the aid of youtube as her outlet, she expresses her regular struggles and how she makes the best out of what she’s dealt with. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that she is considered “free therapy” by many with her therapeutically soft voice, optimistic mindset, and radiant personality. Halle often opens up about her mental health fluctuations, her many eccentric vegan recipes, and of course her enticing college vlogs.


However, if storytelling is your affinity, say no more. Nailea Devora’s witty personality allows her to take a distinct approach to youtube. With her various comical storytimes such as how she attempts to escape her stalker to how she got arrested in Mexico, Nailea really does it all. Over and above that, I personally adore her because of her vibrant demeanor, and amusing narrations of her life experiences and views. And after all is said and done, she never misses an opportunity to make a joke even under unfortunate circumstances.


Last but certainly not least, if you’re target interest falls under self-help videos, give this channel a look.VOGUE is known for many things ranging from their 73-question videos with A-list celebrities to even vlogs of these big figures revealing their beauty secrets (which is as alluring as it sounds). With tremendously influential people such as Rihanna, Billie Eilish, Kendal Jenner and so much more, each video is sure to leave people more educated on all the latest skincare tricks out there. What’s more, each celebrity addresses a certain target look, which can all the more help fellow fans to look their absolute best from a Foolproof night out look to a sensitive skincare guide.


Ultimately, the predominant reason I insist on watching these influencers is that they all help to alleviate my stress during burdensome times. So to whoever's reading this feeling burnt out or confused, take a deep breath. You are fully capable of accomplishing your goals but more importantly, remember not to be hard on yourself and allow yourself to relax.

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